Dark Mode Come To Microsoft Office for Android


Dark Mode Come To Microsoft Office for Android
Microsoft Office App Dark Mode

The Microsoft Office is an essential software on everyday windows computers, whether it is a laptop or desktop Microsoft has also extended its office software to Android and iOS. It has features that allow you to edit and even draft up Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents on the go. While all three services (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) were initially available as single apps for each, Microsoft not too long ago made the decision to merge all three into a one-size-fits-all app. Now, Microsoft Office for Android comes with an all-new, much-needed improvement: dark mode!

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Microsoft Office on PC has already supported dark mode for quite some time, and it themes most UI elements black except for, in the case of programs like Word, the pages themselves (because the paper is white). Android has also supported dark mode for apps pretty much in a native manner since Android 10 was released more than a year ago. So you would think that this seems like actually an odd omission and that this should’ve been supported for a long time now. This, however, wasn’t the case, but users looking forward to this will be glad to know that the feature is now live on the Android version of the app.

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Microsoft says that this has been a highly requested feature for the app, and we believe them. This dark theme will follow Android’s global dark theme if enabled, and if it’s not enabled, you can also override the system-wide setting and turn dark mode on or off by tapping your profile on the Home tab, selecting Settings, and then selecting Light, Dark, or System Default from the Theme Options.

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Moreover, we have heard anything about it coming to iOS, but once it is done and working on Android, I strongly believe it will available across all platforms and OS. it will be great for Ipad and Surface users. we will keep informed about any other updates

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