Flash Android Stock ROM Using SD Card Or Manually

Flash Android Stock ROM Using SD Card Or Manually

If you own an Android device and you need to flash in the official ROM(firmware). With the Stock Firmware ROM, you can get OTA Updates and another benefit the device manufacturing is giving to their users. Here is how to flash in stock ROM.

Before you start to flash the stock ROM, please make sure you make a back up of the previous rom. A charged battery is required to be the process. We will not be responsible if anything goes wrong, Good luck.

Requirements to Flash Stock Firmware ROM Using SD Card

  • A working detectable USB Cord.
  • Your smartphone firmware file.
  • A Windows PC.
  • A good battery backup
  • The stock Rom

How to Flash Stock Firmware ROM Using SD Card

  • Download the firmware from the above link
  • Copy the downloaded file to the internal storage of your phone
  • Power off and reboot the phone to recovery mode (volume down + Power button).
  • Once the recovery screen shows up, select Apply update from sd card
  • Select the file you have downloaded. The flashing process should now commence.
  • Wait patiently for it to complete and do not interrupt.
  • Once flashing is complete, from recovery screen select reboot system now
  • The first boot usually takes a while, so be patient while it boots up.
  • Done!


  • Copy the firmware file to the root of your phone’s storage (sd card)
  • Turn off the phone screen lock system, such as “Pattern”, “PIN”, or “Password”, and keep the default unlock mode “scroll to unlock”. Go to Settings – Security and privacy – Screen lock and select “Scroll to unlock“.
  • Open the menu: Settings -> System Update -> Local Update.
  • In the “Local Update” screen, choose the local package and click “Install Now.”
  • Your phone will turn off and restart automatically. Your phone’s screen will show the auto-update interface after the
    restart (Do not interrupt the process, or touch the screen during the upgrade.)
  • Once the update is complete, your phone will automatically boot into the system.
  • Congratulations, your device is successfully updated.


  • As with the first method, copy the firmware update file to your phone’s storage.
  • With the phone, off, hold down the Volume Up and press the Power button simultaneously turn on the phone. The phone will boot into Recovery Mode. Scroll through options using the volume key, select “Wipe data” and press the power key to confirm.
  • On the following screen, select Wipe All Data, and select Ok after that to confirm.
  • Now select Back to Main Menu.
  • After that, tap Choose Update Package and select the firmware you previously copied to your phone’s storage (sd card)
  • Select and confirm it to start the firmware update process.
  • Wait patiently and do not interrupt the update process.
  • Once complete, select reboot to boot your phone normally back to the system.
  • Done!

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