Flash Stock ROM with Sugar MTK Tool


Flash Stock ROM with Sugar MTK Tool

If you own a smart android device and you need to flash in the official ROM(firmware). With the official ROM, you can get OTA Updates and another benefit the device manufacturing is giving to their users.

Before you start to flash the stock ROM, please make sure you make a backup of the previous ROM. A charged battery is required to be the process. We will not be responsible if anything goes wrong, Good luck.

Why you need the Sugar MTK Tool.

  • Downgrade or Upgrade your phone
  • Unbrick any smartphone.
  • Unroot any phone.
  • Fix Issues on your smartphone.

Requirements to flash your smartphone with Sugar MTK Tool.

  • A working detectable USB Cord.
  • The firmware you want to flash.
  • A Windows PC.
  • A Good Battery Backup
  • USB Driver
  • Download Tool

How to Flash your smartphone firmware using Sugar MTK Tool.

Install .mbn Firmware using Sugar MTK Tool.

  • Download and install Sugar MTK Tool on your Computer.
  • Download Stock Firmware (.mbn based) of your Mobile Device (if in case you have already downloaded the Stock Firmware..
  • Now, Copy the Configuration and Data folder (found in the stock firmware of your device) to the Bin folder of Sugar MTK Installation Address (Paste in C:\Program Files (x86)\SUGAR MTK_SP_Gotu2\bin).
  • Once Both folders are copied, Launch the Tool.
  • Now, you have to enter the Login Details to Launch the tool. For Example, We have used China Server with Username: SUBRECella and Password: Rampasbt12! to launch the tool.
  • Once the tool is launched, you will be able to see the following screen:
  • Now, Click on the Product Model Drop Down List and Select Your device.
  • Once you have selected the device from the drop-down, you will be able to see the device image on the left side and device name in the List Area
  • Now, Click on the Upgrade button.
  • Now, Connect your Device to the Computer using the USB cable (make sure it is power off). Once your device is successfully recognized by the tool, it will begin the flashing process.
  • The flashing process may take 5-10 minutes to complete. Once the Flashing process is completed, you will see the upgrade finished message.

Congratulations! Now, Disconnect your device from the computer and restart it.

If the Smartphone Flash Tool didn’t detect your smartphone, you might need to press the volume down or up button but do not power your phone. If you don’t install all the necessary drivers, you may experience issues detecting your phone with the PC.

There are many problems you might experience while trying to flash your smartphone with Lenovo Downloader Tool, you can google them and will definitely find a solution.

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